Georgia Section ITE Technical Paper Competition

May 02, 2019
12:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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Technical Paper
The Georgia Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (GAITE) Technical Committee is hosting a Technical Paper Competition. The winner will receive a $500 cash price and free registration to the 2019 GAITE Summer Seminar at the King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort on St. Simons Island, GA (July 21st – 24th, 2019), where they will be given the opportunity to make a presentation on their paper. The runner-up will receive a $250 cash prize. This competition is open to all chapter and student members. The winners will be announced at the GAITE June monthly meeting.

Students are permitted to use current or recent term/project papers as submissions as long as those papers have not been entered into a previous ITE contest. If students choose to use term/project papers, they must still adhere to the required formatting guidelines. 
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a. See below for recommended topics
b. Title page with author’s name
c. Table of contents
d. Prepared in Microsoft Word
e. 15 pages (maximum); double spaced; typed pages; 12pt font size
f. Papers are not eligible if they have been entered in a previous ITE paper contest

1. Originality (20%)
To what degree does the subject matter and conclusions treat new ideas or call for a significant departure from the present state-of-the art? How imaginative and original was the approach? How extensive were the qualities of inventiveness and ingenuity used?
2. Significance (20%)
To what extent is the paper a contribution to transportation engineering?
3. Scope and Format (20%)
To what degree is the paper complete in relation to its stated purpose? Is the paper well organized? Is it concise?
4. Validity (20%)
How sound are the approach techniques, the data used, and the reasoning applied?
5. Applicability (20%) 
To what degree can the conclusions reached in the paper be applied in a practical manner towards solving transportation engineering problems?

The GAITE Technical Committee solicited topics of interest from a few state and local agencies.  Based on the response received the following are the recommended topics for this year’s technical paper contest:
1. How the Planning Profession can better adapt to New Technologies (Such as CV/AV).
2. How to Better Forecast Travel Demand?
3. How can we Segregate Secondary Crashes from Overall Crash data?
4. What will be the Role of Transit when top-level (5) Autonomous Vehicle Technology is available?
5. How Connected Vehicle Data Exchange between Vehicle Makes and Deployments can be standardized?
6. What is the feasibility of vehicles returning data to Traffic Signals as part of SPaT Communications?
7. How can Video analytics at the camera Level (at the Edge) work in a High-Resolution/IoT world?
8. What will be the transportation impacts on Georgia roads from the deepening of the Savannah Port?
9. What is the Safety Performance of unconventional Intersections: Reduced Conflict U-Turn Intersections (RCUTS) and Florida T’s?
10. What are some innovative ways to improve Signal Timing for Pedestrians? 
11. Reduced Permitting Criteria for Signalized RCUTS 
12. Roundabout Design Considerations
13. Effectively using Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) as a Planning Tool
14. Integrating Human Factors Engineering into Transportation Design

Please submit papers to Tyler Martin ( by May 2nd, 2019.